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More recently, the once top secret room had fallen into disuse; Hillary Rodham Clinton tells me that its restoration was one of her pet projects when she first arrived.

A red damask sofa stands off to one side, and there are half a dozen pleasant, undemanding oils and engravings on the walls.

Unlike Lady Bird and Ilo Brown, Pat Nixon definitely did not receive an inheritance from her parents.Marilyn Tucker was born in the Meridian-Kessler area of Indianapolis, Indiana, to Mary Alice (née Craig, d. The Tuckers were longtime admirers of Colonel Robert B. I didn't even know that he espoused any." She attended Broad Ripple High School and subsequently received a bachelor's degree in political science from Purdue University. There, she met Dan Quayle, the son of a newspaper publisher.Thieme, Jr., the founder and former pastor of Berachah Church in Houston." Years later, when media attention focused on her family's religious beliefs, Marilyn Quayle said in an NBC interview: "I grew up with my mother listening to (Thieme's) tapes. While attending college, she served as a pompon girl and as treasurer of her freshman class. The two were assigned to work together on a draft version of Indiana's death penalty law.Brewer has said that she was concerned about the amount of executive sessions used by the commission.She also said that the districts it had settled on were not compact and separated communities of interest.

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    The arrest of a computer consultant in Texas led to an international investigation that jailed Thomas Reedy for 1,335 years for running the pornography ring.